Kentucky Agritech performs research and develops mobile apps, robots, drones, and internet-of-thngs (IOT) systems increasing food security, sustainablity, and availabity improving yield, efficiency, savings, and profitability for the entire ecosystem!

BrainSTEM University is an educational tech startup that provides in-person and online STEM curriculum for Schools, non-profits, and home-school students. Using our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) & social network, BrainSTEM students participate in STEM based classes, projects, and clubs increasing access and exposure to STEM education for all.

MSD Board Members are appointed to serve our community by the Louisville Metro Mayor. MSD’s eight-member citizen Board governs MSD’s annual budget, rates, policies and initiatives. I serve on the Finance, Infrastructure, and Personnel committees. 



 As a student, I dreamed of having the knowledge to create what I imagined. As an engineer, I dreamed of having the time to further develop new ideas. As most of us, I dreamed of having the income to create the life I wanted. Today, I am manifesting those dreams and inspiring others to chase theirs through entrepreneurship, public speaking, podcast, blogging, and music.